3 Reasons Why You Should Have Hair Extensions

Celebrities love to change up their look! From Kylie Jenner’s rotating rainbow of hair colors and wig’s to Rihanna’s ever evolving street style, celeb looks are never stagnant for long. If you love to switch up your appearance like your fashion idols, you may have looked into removable hair extensions. Go the Length clip in extensions come in a whole host of colors and are made from %100 human hair so you can style them however you like! Take a look at three great reasons to add a Go the Length extension set to your beauty routine!


We all want our locks to look amazing, but constantly dying, cutting, blow drying, and treating your hair can do some harm. Clip-in Go the Length extensions are a way to mix up your look without putting your hair in danger. The special clips are designed to hold hair firmly without any breakage, ensuring that your extensions will stay in all day and night, and come out easily when you want them to.

Clip-ins are also much better for you hair than many other types of extensions that chemicals, heat, and glue to put them on your head. This can leave behind a fried, gloppy mess and wreak Havoc on your hair! Trust Go the Length to give you the exact look you want, without compromising the health of your hair!


Having shorter hair has been making a major comeback in Hollywood, and for good reason-it’s great! Lobs offer great texture and movement while a Pixie is the ultimate low maintenance do. But there are some limitations that can come with making the chop. There are some hairstyles that you just can’t do with shorter hair. Go the Length clip ins are perfect for when you are dying to try that new Blake Lively coiff that requires lots of length and volume, but don’t want to grow your hair out! Our %100 human hair extensions can be styled right along with your natural hair. And because they are clip-ins, you can change how many extensions you use and where you place them to achieve the perfect look!


But what if you DO want to grow out your hair but don’t want to deal with that awkward in between phase? Our Go the Length clips ins are the perfect solution. You can use our clip ins to add length while your hair grows out and even use them to hide bangs! Even once your hair has grown out, you can still use your clip-ins. Use your Go the Length extensions daily until you reach your desired look, then put them away to be used for special occasions!

Go the Length is the best hair solution for the girl who wants to have it all! Choose from one of our many colors and three different weights to find the perfect fit for you!

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