Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions
Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

Gorgeous blonde locks are always in style and sometimes, more is better! Whether you are a natural born blonde or use product to get in on the fun, Go the Length has a beautiful set of blonde clip in hair extensions that are perfect for you. We know that there are many blonde clip in hair extensions available out there. Choosing which ones are right for you is an important decision. So in this article, we are going to break down everything you need to know about our choosing your perfect set of blonde Go the Length extensions.

Choosing Your Perfect Set

Go the Length offers a variety of hair extension sets to suit the needs of every head.  The first step in choosing your set is figuring out just how much hair you need. We now have 6 different weights to choose from!

  • 120G: Our 120g set is great for those with thinner hair. It will add enough beautiful volume and length without being too heavy on your scalp.
  • 160G: The 160G set is perfect if you have hair that is medium length and thickness. Depending on where you place the clip ins, you can accentuate length, volume, or a balance of both.
  • 220G: A 220G set will work well if you already have thick hair. This set has tons of hair, so you will really be able to see the difference in volume.
  • 240G: The 240G set is ideal for those who already have long and thick hair. You can use this set to achieve lovely volume and length.
  • NEW 280G Enchantress and 340G Goddess: Do you want MEGA LONG hair? Then our new Enchantress and Goddess sets are perfect for you! Coming to you at 20 and 22 inches (!!), you can trim them to fit your preferences or keep it as is to have gorgeous long Rapunzel hair.

Now that you have chosen your weight, you can move on to color. Go the Length has 4 gorgeous blonde colors to choose from, each with their own blend of tones to help match any hair perfectly.

  • Our lightest blonde option is Ash Blonde #60. This shade has a blend of cool toned blondes that help fight yellow tones. If you are trying to take your light blonde or brown hair even lighter while keeping the cool ash look, Ash Blonde #60 is the way to go!
  • If you still want that super blonde look but want to add in a little bit of warmth, our Bleach Blonde #613 is your perfect set. You still get the classic California blonde look, but streaks of golden tones add in warmth.
  • Dirty Blonde #18 is the perfect medium blonde color that balances cool and warm tones to work well with nearly any skin tone or eye color. This is one of our most versatile sets!
  • If you want to incorporate sunset tones without going full on auburn, our Strawberry Blonde #27 set will be your best friend. This set looks absolutely gorgeous with fair skin tones and light eye colors.


Once you have chosen your weight and color, you are on your way to beautiful and versatile hair! If you have any other questions about our %100 real remy human hair extensions, take a look at our FAQ page or email us at!

Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

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