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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Go the Length clip-ins are able to be straightened, curled, and blow dried just like your natural hair! We suggest using a heat protectant to preserve the texture and color of your set. Be sure to use the lowest heat setting possible, even if your own hair can handle much higher. This will keep your extensions looking beautiful for longer and prevent damage. All Go the Length sets come straight, but they can be styled to fit the specific texture of your hair.

We offer 3 set of Go the Length clip in extensions in three weights: 120 grams, 160 grams, and 220 grams. Each full head set made with %100 human hair. Each is designed to blend perfectly with a different hair type, giving you the extra length and full bodied look you want to achieve while still being totally undetectable.
120g: If you have finer hair, the 120g set is perfect to add length a little bit of volume while still blending seamlessly.
160g: The 160g set can be worn in finer hair to add even more volume, or in medium thickness hair to create natural length and lift. This set is also great for those with shorter hair, as it will lie nicely while still having enough hair to create a natural blend.
220g: The 220g set is great for those who already have thick hair, but are looking for mega volume and length.
All sets are sold at 20” and can be trimmed by a professional to the exact length and cut that you would like. To achieve the most natural and blended look, have the extensions trimmed while they are on your head and number them so that they can be placed properly in the future.

Because our extensions are made of 100% human hair, they can be dyed darker and toned to best match your hair color. We strongly suggest that this is done by a professional hair colorist who has worked with human hair extensions before. We also recommend using a small one clip extension to test the color.
We never recommend bleaching your Go the Length extensions. Bleach is extremely damaging, even to the hair on your head, and extensions do not receive any support or nourishment from your scalp to help replenish the strands. If you have Highlights, it is best to buy your Go the Length extensions to match the lightest shade found on your head and add lowlights to the set.

Your clip-ins can last from anywhere between 3 months to over a year, depending on how well you take care of them and how often you wear them. Avoiding excessive use of heat and by carefully following all hair care tips that we provide will surely prolong the life of your extensions.

The main reason that a payment will not process is usually that the personal information entered does not line up with your credit card information. Carefully check each field to make sure that they match and payment should go through. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact your credit card company and email us at info@gothelength.com

Go the Length is more than happy to return or exchange your extensions within 30 days of purchase as long as they have not been worn and are in original packaging. Because of the personal nature of hair extensions, no worn clip-ins can be returned.

Go the length is a US based company that ships Internationally. We provide our company’s total price of hair and shipping to you at checkout. Any customs or import fees will be handled by your local mail service and are not affiliated or collected by Go the Length.

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