%100 Remy Real Hair Extensions
Remy Real Hair Extensions

Remy Real Hair Extensions

Your locks are no joke, baby! So why would you GO with a hair extension company that treats them as such when you could GO the Length?! Go the Length knows that you put a lot of time, effort, and money into keeping your hair looking and feeling its best.  We respect that, which is why we only offer %100 remy real hair extensions.

Our virgin human hair extensions look absolutely natural, because they practically are. Change up your look with our high quality, easy to use, and gorgeous clip in extension sets. Don’t limit yourself with subpar synthetic or damaged human hair extensions from other retailers. Take your hair all the way with Go the Length!

What Do We Mean By “100 Remy Real Hair Extensions”?

Remy hair is the highest quality hair available in the extensions market. Remy means that the cuticle- or protective outermost layer- of the hair is kept intact. Also, the cuticles all run in the same direction (no piece of hair is “upside down”) to ensure that the hair does not excessively tangle. All of our hair is carefully inspected and hand-picked to ensure that your extensions are as beautiful and last as long as possible.

Our 100 remy real hair extensions are able to be styled right along with your natural hair to give you the greatest variety of looks possible.  You can straighten, curl, blowout, tie up, and even color your Go the Length extension sets. Non-remy natural hair would quickly break if it was styled this way and it is not even possible with synthetic hair. We want to make sure that your style is not limited in any way! That is why we extensively quality check every piece that we make before we sell it to you.

Why Choose Go the Length?

Lately, hundreds of new hair piece providers have been flooding the market due to the growing popularity of hair extensions and wigs as style amplifiers. That means that there are many products out there with subpar quality and customer service. Go the Length promises you the best quality hair and experience from start to finish!

We know that every head of hair is different. That is why we now offer 6 different weight 100 remy real hair extensions sets to choose from.  Our original 4 sets in volumes 120G, 160G, 220G, and 240G are perfect for everyday use or to amp up your do a bit. Our two newest sets, the Enchantress (280G and 20”) and the Goddess (340G and 22”) will sky rocket your look to new heights! We also set the bar when it comes to color options. With 12 different shades to choose from, you will always be able to find the best fit for your hair.

Choosing a new set of extensions is a big decision and is highly personal. That is why we have the most user friendly website and an extensive FAQ page to help guide you through the process. If you still need some guidance, you can contact one of our style divas directly at info@gothelength.com. We do our very best to get back to ALL inquires within 24 hours, so go ahead and ask us anything! We want to make sure that you are totally confident in your purchase and can enjoy your Go the Length extensions for months to come.

The highest quality. The most options. The best customer service. That is the Go the Length promise! Check out our remy real hair extensions collections here, or contact us at info@gothelength.com and start the journey to a more beautiful do’!

Remy Real Hair Extensions





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